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It can't be great right now if you found us. But, it's about to get much better for you if you stick around to read and apply some of the back pain information here.
You see, Aras and I created our back pain relief site to help educate people about allot of the "old school" and "new school" back pain relief techniques.
Whether you suffer from sciatica, a herniated disc, scoliosis, low back pain, neck pain or even shoulder or knee pain. There are the old back pain treatments. (some of which we do agree with in some instances) Then there is the new way to treat your upper and lower back pain.
We will do our best to educate you as to the risks and benefits to all as well as offer you some very quick, safe and natural ways for you to take control of your pain.
Stick with us you'll feel better soon!

Dr. Aras Kvedaras discusses some simple things to consider when you are suffering from neck pain
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With just a little effort you can relieve your back pain and be back on the golf course pain free and golfing better than ever. Canadian golf coach Jim Zwolak provides us with a little insight into how a few quick and simple exercises can help us identify some body weaknesses and lower your golf score with out even getting to the golf course.

If you don't want to wait for me to post the videos you can get them here now http://www.lower-my-golf-score.com/golf-secrets.html as well as three golf training programs and a FREE Bonus golf training report

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Chiropractor Dr. Kvedaras discusses sitting postures and how they cause low back pain. As well as a few ways to avoid low back pain by improving your posture.

Give yourself some deserved relief from back pain by sitting up and listening!

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Listen while Dr. Aras Kvedaras describes some simple solutions to back pain caused by a herniated disc.
As well as what may happen if your disc pain goes untreated

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The sacroiliac/SI joint is found in the pelvis and it links the spine to the pelvis. It is commonly believed that when this joint loses mobility it will cause local pain. This is a favourite chiropractic diagnosis. I have found in my practice that this is seldomly the root of back pain. If the joint truly loses it's motion, I find it is secondary to loss of support somewhere in the pelvis; one of the four corners is not being held in place.

Therefore reintroducing motion back into this joint whether it is with an "adjustment/manipulation" or some mobilization technique will only be short lived. Once the person starts stressing the pelvic muscle that is not up to speed, the SI joint will once again get "stuck" or lose its motion. This is why the treatment needs to be redone so frequently.

I have never found a "stuck" sacroiliac joint that did not have one of the pelvic muscles not supporting it's respective end.
In other words, if all corners of the pelvis are properly supported, then the need for continual SI joint treatment usually subsides. Once this has been attained then good form walking should keep the SI joint functional.

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Listen as Dr. Kvedaras discusses how your sitting postures may not only be preventing you from the back pain relief you want. But, may very well be causing your back pain.

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Watch this video to better understand how your footwear may be causing your back pain. A simple path to back pain relief!

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What To Expect With Sciatica

Sciatica is a descriptive term. It means that there is a physical compression on the sciatic nerve and this causes pain/numbness along part/all parts of the nerve. What it does not describe is what is compressing it.

With sciatica there are potentially different causes and thus they will have different manifestations; especially with what positions or activities are causing the nerve irritation. It is important to let the treating practitioner know which positions aggravate to help determine what is the underlying cause/diagnosis.

The position/activity that causes the sciatic nerve compression needs to be respected. Besides being painful, this compression will also cause local damage to the nerve and further propagate the problem. Avoid this position/activity until the respective problem is resolved. Once the compression has been resolved respectively the nerve will need time to heel. Nerves are very slow healing tissue and it might take the better part of a year to get maximum resolution.

During this nerve healing time (assuming the underlying nerve irritation remains resolved), re-strengthening of the involved musculature needs to be addressed. If the initial compression lasted more than 2 weeks than it can be expected that the involved muscles lost conditioning. The longer the initial problem persisted, the more deconditioning occurred. To get maximum resolution of a person's sciatica, this re-strengthening phase must be fully completed. If not then the problem or a different new problem will realistically occur.

If re-strengthening is attempted while the original compression persists, then local damage to the involved musculature will occur. Timing is everything.

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Sometimes all you have to do to give yourself a little back pain relief is lose some weight. It is with that in mind that I wanted to give you these fat melting meal plans. Take a look!!

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Back Pain and Chiropractic

chiropracticThere are many different structures that can be primary causes of back pain. If a person has been living with a problem for an extended period of time; the other structures will develop secondary issues sooner or later.

The traditional chiropractic treatment of an adjustment / manipulation addresses joints that have decreased motion. It is common for there to be joint involvement but it is often not the primary problem. Thus the treatment will often give some relief but it does not deal with the underlying issue. The relief will be short lived but would need to be applied repeatedly. If the joint issue were the primary problem, no more than three applications of the adjustment to the involved joint should resolve it.

Therefore, it is my opinion that traditional chiropractic will often give some relief to back pain but frequently it does not deal with the underlying cause of the pain.

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